What Evergreen Does

Check out the important Evergreen projects you’ll be helping to fund when you enter the Fido Earth Month Countdown.

Our 10 projects for the year 2012

Santropol Roulant (Montreal, QC)
Urban-Rural Farm Exchange

'The Urban-Rural Farm Exchange will allow Santropol Roulant to augment its work in food security and urban agriculture by cultivating a small piece of land in Montreal's West Island.The project will help the organization produce a higher yield of fresh produce for their successful Meals-On-Wheels program and will also feature a strong public education component, increasing public awareness about the importance of agriculture and protection of the last remnants of peri-urban farm land in the Montreal area.

Immigrant Integration and Farming Co-Op (Winnipeg, MB)
The Rainbow Garden

The Immigrants Integration and Farming Workers Co-op’s Rainbow Garden project, located in downtown Winnipeg, strives to make regional and tropical vegetables available for new immigrants, while facilitating their integration into the community, providing access to life skills and contributing to the protection of the environment and sustainable local food systems. Created by a group of immigrants and refugees, with agricultural and various professional backgrounds, the Co-op’s main goal is to maximize new immigrants and refugees’ participation in local community economic and social development.

Preparing the Trail (Toronto, ON)
The Don Valley Trail Planting Event

Preparing the Trail (PTT) is a grass-roots, environmentally active, not-for-profit organization that uses the power of sport to educate and empower a growing movement of environmental trendsetters, while supporting our partners Right To Play and Trees Ontario. PTT Trail Planting Events create an engaging platform for athletes, environmentalists, and volunteers to come together and accelerate our development towards stronger, more sustainable, and healthier ecosystems. This project will focus on planting an acre of new trails and repair sections of the Don Valley trail system to highlight the importance of preserving our unique Canadian landscape for future generations to enjoy.

Growing Chefs! (Vancouver, BC)
Classroom Gardening Program

Growing Chefs! sends teams of chef volunteers into elementary schools where they teach students about food from seed to table. They aim to inspire children with a love for sustainable food through direct experience—getting their hands in the dirt, watching and caring for growing plants, and harvesting and cooking their own vegetables.

Sierra Club Prairie (Edmonton, AB)
Reskilling Edmonton

The ReSkilling Edmonton Network seeks to connect seniors and youth to share various self-sufficiency skills in order to find local solutions to environmental challenges. By offering workshops led by seniors for youth, Reskilling Edmonton offers an opportunity to engage in inter-generational learning that provides benefits for all participants, and brings together the local community

Boys & Girls Club Services of Greater Victoria (Victoria, BC)
BGC Outdoor Centre’s Food Waste Challenge Program

An educational program aimed at reducing food waste and increasing awareness and knowledge and experience related to composting. BGC Outdoor Centre guests will be exposed to this simple and creative mealtime activity that highlights the local food we eat, where it originates (closing the farm to family knowledge gap), and how to intentionally reduce and effectively reuse food waste. Guests will participate in hands-on activities including composting and waste auditing with the desired outcome to raise awareness and encourage guests to commit to actively reducing food waste and to compost at home.

North Central Community Association (Regina, SK)
The NCCA Community Garden

This project will focus on turning a vacant lot in North Central Regina into a demonstration permaculture garden that will be a source of fresh local food for a population that otherwise has limited access. Experts will be brought in to help with the design phase of the garden and will be available to help build the gardening skills of community members.

Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests (LEAF) (Toronto, ON)
LEAF Learning Garden

The LEAF Learning Garden is an urban public demonstration site that teaches visitors about a wide array of native plants. Educational signage guides visitors through the space, naming each plant and identifying its value to birds, pollinators, and the natural environment. Edible and medicinal plants are also identified, as are rare or threatened species. It is also Canada’s first SmartPhone friendly garden with QR codes linking to more information on native plants.

Nose Creek Watershed Partnership (Calgary, AB)
Nose Creek Rehabilitation Project

Nose Creek is a small spring fed creek that flows southward into the City of Calgary where it joins the Bow River. Urban development has led to severe degradation of the natural habitat in the watershed. The Nose Creek Rehabilitation Project aims to restore Nose Creek to a more natural state.

Sustainable Living Ottawa East (SLOE) (Ottawa, ON)
The Children’s Garden

Sustainable Living Ottawa East created Ottawa’s first public garden four years ago. Designed for and with children, the SLOE garden is dedicated to teaching kids how to grow food organically right in the middle of the city. The garden has built links with schoolchildren and youth groups, attracted families to events and provided sanctuary for anyone who wants to escape into the wonder and magic of this urban oasis. This  season they will continue to offer  programs and activities that provide children with hands-on opportunities to engage their curiosity about the natural world through gardening and nature-based activities.